The Word in the Wood #3

Posted on 14th May, 2019

Our wonderful U15 Girls picked up their sixth piece of silverware in five seasons, after collecting Div 2 runners-up trophies at the HGFPL Finals Day last weekend. Having performed so well over the years and featured prominently in numerous League campaigns and Cup Finals, this achievement, though perhaps not the most prestigious, was perhaps the girls best yet?


As background, and despite our best endevours, the team lost key players prior to the season starting. Despite Borehamwood and Shenley growing apace, we were unable to find a single player to fill their places and during the season, the girls were often unable to field a full side or substitutes. Many sides would have whined and moaned, folded under such circumstances but, not these Woodettes! With the full support of team sponsor RICOH, the girls banished all doubts, raised their games to an unprecedented level, persisted through snow, ice and storm, winning every match bar those against the eventual, worthy champions, and thus secured runners-up spot and automatic promotion back to Div 1.


What can you say about such fine young women, other than to praise them to the hilt and marvel at their positive attitude and togetherness. Football is a great game in itself but, through it, the girls have learnt so much more, gaining huge confidence in themselves and making friends they will keep for life. When their backs were up against the wall, these girls came through it all, successful and smiling, making their manager, coaches, parents and club so very proud indeed.


As is often the case, those that endure prosper, and though likely to lose one old favourite next season as a result of moving home, the team has already signed up many new players to plug the gap and grow the squad. If you are reading this and want to be a part of this special group, get in touch whenever you want? Come down for a little training, have a chat, perhaps a cuppa from the tea hut, then, when the whistle blows for the new season, get those game heads on and go for it!!