The Word in the Wood #5

Posted on 30th May, 2019

It's the club presentation day this Sunday, 2nd June, 2019, at Pursley, and with the forecast set fair, our players, parents and staff can look forward to another smashing occasion. The event kicks off at 13.00 with a set from Madonna; actually, we couldn't get hold off her, but, no matter, who needs pop stars!


As I said, the event starts at 13.00 and all our players will receive a club award, followed by individual awards to those lucky few. The suspense is growing daily but, take it easy, all will be revealed soon. We'll have the tea hut open, a BBQ roaring, a bouncy castle and the goals out for the kids, and Mediterranean weather to boot! There will be a small charge of £1 per car for parking but, even that's a result as you get free entry to the Wood deluxe raffle! Don't forget also, that Lisa, our multi talented Club Secretary will be completing registration for those that have yet to sign on for next season!


Ahead of the event, a team of mother like elves descended on Pursley and transformed the place from a jumble sale to something you could keep eat your dinner off! Working for nine hours flat out, our intrepid team of volunteers - Nicole, Tanya, Marie and Nicola - performed a genuine miracle and 20 years of accumulated junk is now a lovely, clean and tidy clubhouse. We are sooooo grateful to the ladies for completing such an outstanding job and where they have led, perhaps there are others who might follow their example by mucking in for the Wood? I'm sure there are, so stop watching daytime TV repeats and get in touch, you know it makes sense! See y'all Sunday!!