The Word in the Wood #8

Posted on 10th August, 2019

While some of you enjoy your holidays, reclining on a sun lounger deciding what to have for dinner, despite not having digested breakfast or lunch, the cogs are again turning quickly at the Wood, in preparation for the new season.


Several of our teams are now back in pre-season training and the early reports are that our players are looking lean and hungry, despite very many hours of all-inclusive! This is a crucial period in any footballer's calendar, preparing thoroughly both mentally and physically for the demands of what we hope will be a productive and successful season. Hard work now pays off when the trophies are being contended, so bin the sweets, get a sweat on and lead by example; remember, perfect practice makes perfect!


The transfer window may have ended for the Premier League but, continues apace at the Wood. We've made many excellent signings of late, with oodles of motivated and talented players joining our ranks, so much so that the U9 & U11 boys are now at capacity. Our other teams still have some availability so get in touch if you're interested. With new kit, new training top & new personalised rain jacket for all our new players at a fraction of the price most clubs charge, you'd be either extremely wealthy or completely bonkers not too!


Look out for the next blog as we hope to make some big announcements soon!