The Word in the Wood #34

Posted on 4th May, 2020

With the cancellation of all our kids' games and leagues, and the perilous state of the nation, the Wood's blog has been just a little redundant of late. However, as we begin to sniff the first sweet smells of lifting restrictions, we at the Club are staying positive and working hard to make sure we can get all our wonderful youngsters back out on the hallowed turf, sooner rather than later.


You'll hopefully have seen the Twitter and website items detailing the excellent progress expanding our Pursley parking capacity and we hope to be getting a dedicated toilet facility for the girls up there soon too. We have other plans to benefit our members but, at present, the world is a far different place to the one it was some months back. As such, the Club's priority is to keep a very steady ship financially and get through this difficult period in one piece, all the while providing our young teams with the infrastructure & facilities they need to play the game they love. With the loss of income from cancelled events and sponsorship, this will be challenging but, with everyone working together for the greater good, it is something we can realistically achieve.


Do to the huge and obvious difficulties caused by the lockdown, many clubs have sadly cancelled their end of season trophy presentations. Though we understand this reaction, our Club feels its kids and staff worked so hard, performing superbly during the season, and that this needs to be recognised. As such, we will be doing everything we can to hold a presentation day for the 2019/20 season. This will likely be different to normal and subject to national restrictions and rules, none of which any of us can second guess now, however, this is what we will be working to achieve.


With regard to the new season, again, right now, no one can be sure when this will kick off but, the WFL have started registration, so we are doing the same. As already advised by our team managers, parents/guardians of existing players re-signing simply complete the website registration form and email it to our Club Secretary. At this point, we are not taking registration fees as times are just too uncertain. When this changes and we know the new season is definitely going ahead, we'll sort out registration fees as usual. For now, let's just do what we can so the Wood is ready to get right amongst it when the whistle is blown for kick off!


Take good care of yourselves and with a fair wind, and in the words of the great Frank Sinatra - we'll be together again!