21/22 The Word in the Wood #2

Posted on 18th September, 2021

After their excellent start last week in the League, our U12 Boys faced London Colney again today, this time in the Junior League Cup.


The boys flew out the blocks and raced into a 3-1 lead courtesy of a fine finish from the high performing Parratt, with Adoma & Rocha displaying admirable coolness to find the net also. In midfield, Adom was pulling the strings with style but, from a position of strength, the team lost just a little concentration and conceded twice to go 3-3, before Staszewski popped up to put the Wood back into the lead. In a pulsating finish, however, the boys conceded twice more and ultimately bowed out this Cup with a 5-4 defeat.


Not easy to swallow after almost getting into the next round, but, so much was learned by the lads who played superb football throughout the fixture and showed great heart and determination also. You can't always win, but, you can always try your hardest and that's what they did and that's why we continue to be very proud of them indeed. In a tight decision, MoM was rightly secured by Gardiner who played with composure and grit throughout the match. Well done young man.


After a flat performance previously, U13 Boys charged on to the pitch determined to make amends. They did this in style scoring multiple times in a fine 7-1 performance at home to Edgware Blues.


Keeping control of the ball gives a team control of a match and the boys played long segments of this game in that manner, with all our highlights coming during these periods. Reed - adding striker to his quiver of positions - finished coolly to grab himself two excellent goals and was promptly followed by Crucefix, securing a brace with accomplished finishes. Captain McGuinness carried on his fine form with another strong match and goal, this time courtesy of the spot. Hobbs came up from the back to hammer home a netbuster that shook the goal’s foundations, while Crucefix was unlucky not to secure his hatrick after the opposition keeper produced a stunning penalty save. Some go in, some don’t, that’s how it is.


MoM went to Makamian, who's passing range was greatly enhanced today and who also scored a quality goal low into the bottom left after a nice first touch shook of his marker in the box. All in all, a most satisfactory performance from the boys who head on to Cup action in the next two weeks where they will look to continue this style of play then.


Meanwhile, our U11 Boys continued their ascent scoring three excellent goals against a lively HMH team today. In Bailey’s absence, Aiden again took on the role of Captain and was spurring on the team from the start in his position in goal, in fine form and pulling off brilliant saves. Cristian took charge in defence ably assisted by the excellent Matei and Noah.


Klawdjo, William and Audley in midfield worked really well, passing the ball cleanly and making very many tackles, while Shreyank and Ethan up front were firing the shots down on goal. Aiden then moved up front to score a storming goal, with the impressive Audley notching two further bangers himself. Aiden secured MoM for his performance that was second to none both in goal and on the pitch. What a game and well done the lads!




With our energy rich U11 Girls still to have their fixtures published, the U18 Girls went into their home game against Ruislip in excellent form after a morale boosting victory last time out. However, the girls faced a good opponent in Ruislip who fought hard and finished tidily when left unmarked to shoot.


As always, valuable lessons are learnt in difficult moments and today's game was no different. The need to keep position and shape, to mark opposition players tightly and most of all, a desire to listen and learn without taking exception are all areas the team can improve on and that would have gone a long way to stopping the concession of 6 thoroughly avoidable goals on the day.


However, the attitude of so many of the squad to challenge themselves, to keep on trying despite the scoreline, taking knocks but battling on and continuing to have the bravery to receive the ball and play great football that sliced through their opponents at times, made many very proud and gives plenty to build on.


In goal - Hyman - kept at it throughout displaying a formidable desire and pulling off saves right out of the top drawer. Rodrigues played her way through a difficult spell to come out on top and finish the game very strongly indeed, testament to her strength of character. Luckhurst played superbly in an unfamiliar position showing a positive attitude the envy of any teenage girl, while Embleton did what she always does, running hard and contesting throughout every moment she was on the pitch. In midfield, Evans and Pickford pulled up their sleeves and worked their socks off with Makamian and Hooda doing the same, if not reaching the heights on the day that both are capable off.


As he tried to scuttle off quietly after the match, Manager Makamian was grabbed by Channel 4 News, who asked him his thoughts at that time. After a second's contemplation, he answered, "PoM today went to Steward who played a blinder at left back and displayed enormous spirit. As a team, we won't always have it our own way, but, if we try our hardest, that's all we can ask and it will take us far. I lost my father this week but, he'll always live on in my heart and he always told me to never give up on anything. He was right, of course, and we'll be back on the training field Monday, trying to improve and having some fun."

With that, he jumped in his motor and spent a considerable sum on some fresh Sushi at Sainsbury's. With apologies to our Vegan membership, you just can't argue with that!