23/24 - The Word in the Wood #16

Posted on 6th January, 2024

Our U15 Boys' match against Colney Heath was postponed due to a water-logged pitch and will be played next week instead.


Meanwhile, our U14 Boys faced a tough challenge in the League Cup, home against a good Northwood side, currently sitting atop the division above.


The boys matched their opponents blow for blow, closing down really well and engaging hard in the tackle, the match tied at half time after Rocha had crashed home to level the scores at 1-1. Second half saw more Wood pressure but, Northwood snatched a late winner to squeeze home.


Adom stayed strong and resolute at the back all game and secured MoM for an excellent performance. As importantly, the squad showed it can compete against higher division teams and the expereince gained today will only accelerate their forward progression.




Following on at Pursley, our U13s made a great start against Maccabi Green with Lehouimel classily setting up Adom to power home, the Wood holding a great 1-0 lead at half time. Despite Joyce and Patel putting in big shifts, the boys backed off second half and conceded several times to record a reverse. Florin in goal was in really outstanding form and secured MoM for the mutiple top quality saves he made.




Our U13 Girls faced a top quality Harvesters side away in the Cup and despite having a good go, bowed out after the home side found form. The girls were a little wary of their opponents and ceded too much time and space. Nevertheless, their were many positives including good individual performances from Emily in goal, Abi and Ava in defence and Gabby up front.


Testing yourself against good opponents isn't easy but, you learn much and the girls will take this experience forward with them to great effect in the forthcoming matches.




Under the soft, winter sun, Borehamwood 2000 FC U9 Girls welcomed Royston Town Youth for a spirited match on their home turf. The chilly weather did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the young players, who showcased their skills on a slippery pitch, setting the scene for a captivating clash.


In the goalkeeping domain stood the resilient Gracie, a beacon of focus and determination. Her quick reflexes and unwavering commitment to the team's defense were evident throughout the match, earning her the admiration of fans and teammates alike.


Leading the squad onto the pitch was the indomitable Masie, returning from injury and proudly wearing the captain's armband. Masie's leadership was not confined to her role as captain; she exhibited an inspiring blend of grit and skill, motivating her teammates with every move.


The defensive stronghold was fortified by the steady presence of Sienna. With a keen sense of anticipation and a knack for intercepting the opposition's advances, Sienna played a pivotal role in thwarting Royston Town's attempts to breach Borehamwood's defense.


Upfront, the dynamic duo of Juniper and Elsie showcased their attacking prowess. Juniper, with her lightning-quick footwork, danced around defenders, creating opportunities with every stride. Meanwhile, Elsie's strategic positioning and clinical finishing proved instrumental in putting Borehamwood on the scoreboard in the first quarter.


Off the bench and onto the field came our reinforcements, each leaving their mark on the game. Daisy, with an infectious enthusiasm, notched a crucial goal in Q2, displaying both skill and determination. Tippi showed moments of absolute wizardry, Polly with pace only Usian Bolt could dream of, Ruby mastering the art of both tracking back and surging forwards, and Amber putting her footballing brain into action making vital clearances with ease. It's fair to say each of them seamlessly integrated into the action, injecting fresh energy and contributing to the team's dynamic play.


Polly's memorable moment came when her powerful strike ricocheted off the post, an unfortunate miss that showcased the fine margins in football. However, Daisy was quick to pounce on the rebound, securing the second goal for Borehamwood.


The attacking force of Juniper, Maisie, Elsie, Tippi and Daisy showcased their goal-scoring hunger with some narrowly missed shots, their efforts painting the pitch with a tapestry of near misses and close calls.


Our spirited girls were really tremendous today pouring heart and sole onto the pitch. Elsie's stellar performance earned her the well-deserved title of Player of the Match, a testament to her clinical finishing and positive impact on the game.


As the young Wood stars continue their footballing journey, this heartwarming winter encounter will serve as a foundation for future triumphs and moments of pure sporting joy. The pitch may have been a little slippery, but the warmth of camaraderie and sportsmanship radiated, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed this exciting match. The adventure has just begun for these budding footballers, and the future holds countless opportunities for growth, learning, and, undoubtedly, more thrilling moments on the pitch.