23/24 - The Word in the Wood #20

Posted on 3rd February, 2024

Our U13 Boys put in another much improved display as they narrowly lost 3-2 against HMH Real. HMH won the previous encounter 1-11 and sit 3rd in the table so the boys did superbly well to make this a very tight affair!


The boys kicked off into the wind and were doing well before a corner was unluckily carried into the goal by a freak gust of wind. Real scored again to make it 2-0 at half time. Thereafter, a stirring Wood revival with the wind behind them, saw the boys pepper the Real goal and Adom hit the bar with a fine effort before MoM Gopinath made it 2-1 with a stunning finish from a classy pass from Joyce. A lapse in concentration enabled Real to take a 3-1 lead before the Wood pulled one back after Gopinath earned and dispatched a penalty.


The last two weeks have seen far improved performances and results from the boys and confidence is beginning to surge. The timing is perfect as the team kicks off the Spring Plate next week and have all to play for as they seek cup final glory in May!



Our U14 Boys faced a hard match against Red division London Colney in the quarter final of the Challenge Cup. An excellent start saw the Wood duelling equally with their higher division opponents and there was nothing in the match at this time.


Colney began to exert greater influence as the half wore on and took the lead after what might have been a cross or shot eluded the excellent Singleton in goal. A Colney winger then ran through unchallenged to score a second, but, there was all to play for second half.


However, Colney started fast and were quickly in an unassailable lead after the Wood were too passive to intervene. Adom fought his heart out all match at centre back, with Abisa and Evans weighing in second half also; Rocha struck a sweet shot just over the bar in attack.


The match ended 0-7 but, so much was learned by the boys and they will soak that up and take it forward. Perhaps of paramount importance is the need to stay in the game when not in possession as too many times today players switched off, reacting too late when the ball swung their way.


The team marches on armed with good experience from the day and ready to put this into action against London FITS next week in the League.




In a scintillating clash under the sunny skies, our U9 Girls locked horns with Bury Rangers in a gripping encounter that had fans on the edge of their seats. A thrilling match reflected the sheer determination and skill on display from both teams.


Daisy, the indomitable captain of Borehamwood, led her squad with unwavering resolve against a physically imposing Bury Rangers side. The opening spectacle of the match unfolded with Ruby's right-footed strike, showcasing her finesse and precision in front of goal as it whistled into the net!


Emily, the fearless guardian between the posts, exhibited cat-like reflexes and impeccable anticipation, thwarting Bury Rangers' attempts with commendable saves. Elsie embarked on a mesmerizing solo run, narrowly missing the target as her effort ricocheted off the post, adding an extra layer of intensity to the game.


Sienna, a defensive stalwart, demonstrated remarkable agility, swiftly turning to dispossess Bury Rangers and launch crucial counter-attacks. Juniper's defensive prowess was on full display as she executed numerous vital clearances, denying Bury Rangers' advances with poise.


Amber and Ruby formed a dynamic partnership, displaying exceptional coordination in both striking and defensive roles. Their synergy was evident as they navigated the pitch, keeping the opposition on their toes. Meanwhile, Daisy's resilience against the physicality of the opponents stood out, as she fearlessly battled for possession and refused to be intimidated.


A surprising twist occurred when a pitch invasion by a dog added an unexpected and light-hearted moment to the game, with chants of “sign him up” from the supporters!

Leah made a triumphant return in midfield, contributing significantly to the team's efforts, while Masie, with her quick-footed manoeuvres and strategic runs in midfield, added an extra dimension to Borehamwood's gameplay.


In the midst of the thrilling encounter, Ruby emerged as the standout performer, earning the well-deserved title of Player of the Match. The ecstatic crowd, caught in the whirlwind of excitement, erupted with cheers as the players navigated the tense last five minutes with remarkable composure.


Towards the end of the match the Wood saw a second goal materialize in the form of an own goal. The positive energy and sportsmanship exhibited by both teams left spectators with a sense of admiration for the budding talent on display. In the end, it was a celebration of skill, resilience, and camaraderie that defined this enthralling encounter under the sunny skies.




Our U13 girls hosted their close friends and probably one of the best teams in the county in Harvester’s girls today. On a tough run of games after facing the excellent Hertford Town last week, the Wood has faced two of the local giants of grassroots football in successive weeks.


Our squad has been depleted with a long term injury to Imani who is still unavailable, while Ella W has left for pastures new and now Lucy standing down also. A lung busting midfield enforcer, she will be sadly missed but just isn’t in love with her football at the minute; we hope she finds her way back to us in the future though!


That being said we had to find players to bolster and compliment our squad for the rest of the season and in prep for the next. We have been incredibly blessed to have a quality ready made footballer like Amy sign for the team this week and she made a fantastic debut today in the battle of Pursley!


The game kicked off with intensity and passion as our girls were asked to pick up where they left off last week. We were immediately trying to push Harvesters back by using the pace, strength and guile of starting 9 - Gabby. Harvesters where soon on the attack themselves moving the ball around quickly and putting pressure on the wood defence of Annie, Abi and Ava ; these magnificent footballers though are not going to be beaten easily and they repelled all attacks.


The midfield was a battlefield and wasn’t for the faint-hearted; skipper Amie and partner Theaya played the holding role performing their roles with aplomb. Our wide players of Gabz and Elsinho both covered so much ground today they probably need new boots! These girls were up and down doubling up in defence against Harvesters’ excellent wingers, or they were breaking at pace starting or joining attacks.


A through ball from Gabz found Gabby with 2 players to beat and she did this and then had the skill to lob the onrushing GK. This excellent finish was met with rapturous applause from the huge crowd gathered to watch this clash of the titans! This lifted the hearts of the Wood side and we pushed forward looking for the second goal. However, it also galvanised Harvesters who equalised about 5 mins later; the next goal would be important and a small lapse in concentration from the Wood let Harvesters take the lead 1-2. The girls kept at it though and when playing out from defence we got cornered and unluckily conceded a third goal to be 1-3 down within about 10 mins of leading 1-0. This is the difference between D1 and D2 where we played last year but, the girls are learning rapidly and are not making mistakes twice!


Changes were made to try and freshen the line up with Kara, Hazel and Amy coming into the fray. Amy into centre mid with Hazel going to No9 and Kara as a winger. The new girls quickly got stuck in and their drive and determination helped reinvigorate the side who were still a little shell shocked at the score.


Amy formed a good partnership with skipper Amie in midfield and Hazel had what was to be her best game in 2 years for the Wood; her energy and closing down of Harvesters players was infectious and she and Kara hounded the Harvesters’ right midfielder and right back with Kara winning the ball high and instantly releasing Hazel with a through ball. Hazel took one touch to compose herself then despatched the ball into the top corner with flames coming from the back of it: Hazels hammer is back! 2-3 game on and that’s how the 1st half finished


The second half followed the pattern of the first with some excellent football and thunderous tackles from both sides. Riss & Emily shared the GK duties today and both made excellent saves to keep their team in the contest. The girls are both adding to their games looking to start attacks quickly and recognise weak spots to exploit in their opponents.


Both teams huffed and puffed for the second half and probed for the next goal. A long clearance from Emily found Hazel and she was brought down in the area for a blatant pen that the ref didn’t give; on another day we might have got that and secured the draw we deserved today. Again, the girls finished the strongest and looked the most likely team to score; this is such a credit to these girls and we are so, so proud of them and privileged to be a part of their journey.